July 31, 2017

PRESS RELEASE Caserta Campaign Achieves Major Campaign Milestones

Caserta Campaign for Open Supervisorial Seat First to Accomplishes Major Milestones SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CA – Dominic Caserta, candidate for June’s primary open District 4 Santa Clara County Board of Supervisor seat, achieved two major campaign milestones ahead of other challengers. Dominic and his team of volunteers have door-to-door canvassed over 70% of the district and donors helped Dominic be the …

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July 19, 2017

Trump Cannot Stop Our Green Machine

Featured in the Santa Clara Weekly Trump Cannot Stop Our Green Machine Last semester, most of my 7:30 a.m. Senior Economics class would respond to my booming “Good morning!” with a sleepy echo of the greeting. One student (we will call her Jenny) was different. She always belted the words back to me, teeing up her enthusiasm for the rest …

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